Current state of a few collections

As you may have seen in a very recent C5A social media post, the C5A Earth Day 2018 collection of shirts is still around! It will be availiable until Earth Day 2019! (we have something prepared for it) Until then, make sure to grab a C5A Earth Day 2018 shirt while you still can! All proceeds go to helping the Earth! While you might not be able to find it in the C5A Store, you can find it on the Store page of our website, or just Click Here!

Another update goes for C5Holidays sweater. As we find the holiday season starting to come to a close, so does the state of the C5Holidays sweater availability. While we do want anyone who still wants one to get a chance at getting it, we will be leaving it up for grabs until January 15th! After that, C5Holidays will be vaulted until further notice! So, if you’re interested, check out the C5A Store for it, or just Click Here!

As stated above, we already have some great things in the works for C5A Earth Day 2019, and many more things (some of which coming very soon)! Our collection of Earth Day apparel will be available year round, only ending at the next year’s Earth Day. Seasonal merch availability will vary depending on its designated time frame.

All other C5A merch will be available until otherwise stated in a News or Social Media post. Lots more coming from C5A in the very near future! Stay posted!