C5A Earth Day 2019

Announcing The Second Annual C5A Earth Day shirt! All proceeds from this shirt will go to bettering the Earth in the C5A Flower Project! A project to plant native seeds in needing areas. Join the movement today!

Since C5A was founded in Austin, Texas, we plan to plant loads of multiple different, native to Texas, wildflowers in various locations. All of the money we receive from your purchases of the C5A Earth Day 2019 will go towards buying Native Texas Wildflower seeds!

On top of that, once we have purchased the seeds (stay updated on social media links below) we will be making a video for our C5A YouTube to document it all!

Earth Day 2019 is right around the corner, so make sure to celebrate it right with C5A! Get your shirt here, help us bring in some great flowers, and better the Earth!

Earth Day 2019 is April 22