Introducing C5A Gaming

The masses have spoken, and the C5A eSports team name has been decided!

The new Official eSports team of C5A is the C5Austin Blue Lightning! With so many eSports team nowadays, why root for C5A? The all-new C5A Gaming team has the appearance and play-style of the average gamer, but takes casual gaming to the extreme pro scene. Creating unforgettable epic gaming moments for all to enjoy. Stay updated on the eSports Page for the upcoming lists of the games that will be played competitively and the team rosters for each game played.

Included in C5A Gaming, the members will be:

  • Playing competitively in various tournaments
  • Streaming to Twitch with other members and friends
  • Occasionally uploading to YouTube regarding news or gameplay

If you are interested in applying to the team, you can here!