Late News, TC INC, Finishing Out Year of the C5A Strong

It seems our news page for the time being was a little behind. While we were updating our 2019 Page and other pages, along with all social media, we seem to have neglected the News page for a couple months as we have been working a lot on TC Inc. projects and as their news has come out.

In short, in August we launched the first set of 5 five limited time TC Inc. X C5A designs. Page with info here

Along with that, for halloween Pizza and Popcorn got their very first animated short, The Pizza and Popcorn Halloween Special. Page with info here

Other than that, C5A has been hard at work on various other projects throughout the company. For more info, make sure to follow us on all of our social medias as most news is shared there first above all other places. Though, while you’re here, I can tell you C5A has a lot of things in store to finish out the last couple months of 2019, The Year of the C5A. With the holidays approaching, and cold weather coming in, C5A may or may not have some pretty big things coming in the not so far future. Along with that, C5A has continued to work on multiple TC Inc. projects and designs that will be arriving in the near future as well. Until then, stay posted on our social media, and keep checking that 2019, for it is truly the Year of the C5A.