C5A Status Report 6/23/2020

In this C5A Status Report, we would like to cover many questions C5A fans around the globe may have been having these past couple months.

Current Events

We at C5A are not oblivious to the events going on throughout the United States and not been quiet for no reason. C5A has always been a brand welcoming diversity in every way. Over the past months, C5A has continued to educate ourselves on the injustices people of color face in the United States, how we can help, and how we can effectively make change in the U.S. We will be doing everything we can at C5A to help advocate for change and put an end to the racial injustices that plague this nation.

No matter the size of the C5A community or outreach we may have, we will always use our platform for what is right. We at C5A believe Black Lives Matter.

Also, arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor.

C5A Merchandise & Multimedia

Good news and bad news. As you well know, our last merch drop was on the 20th of April, the C5A Earth Day 2020 design. The bad news is that drop will be the last C5A drop for a while. While the coronavirus continues to sweep the nation, our progress in making designs and content (such as videos, ads, funny stuff) has all been affected as well.

The good news, however, is that we do have many different projects in the works for C5A. From new videos planned, new TC Inc. content, and multiple new C5A designs, many things are to be coming soon. Likely to be released in bulk in The C5A 2.0 Update, which you can read more about below.

C5A Twitch

One new multimedia outlet C5A has been starting to work on is our Twitch Page. Here you can find we stream a variety of games with hosts Truman and Chap, while other guests may join in the action as well.

At the time of this status report, we have not have many streams, as most of them have been tests. However, Twitch delivers a unique way to bring the C5A community together in a medium our C5A hosts are very passionate about, video games.

We would like to build upon our C5A community further with Twitch, while also offering a fun and entertaining way to engage with C5A curators and have a safe, enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

C5A 2.0 Update

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for. The C5A 2.0 Update. Here are the details so far:

  • The release date for this major C5A update is slated for the fourth quarter of 2020
  • There will be 5+ new exclusive C5A designs in the store
  • New multimedia in the form of a new C5Ad and/or TC Inc. animation
  • Giveaway(s)
  • Content is to be released in bursts throughout the quarter

While all of this information is subject to change moving forward, we can also assure you that there is also MORE to be announced and MORE to come following The C5A 2.0 Update. We will keep you updated in upcoming C5A Status Reports with the progress of the major update, along with any new additions or changes to it.

We truly appreciate all of our C5A fans patience during this time. While you may not be hearing from us as frequently, know that our fans will always be our number one priority. We will be doing our best to keep you all updated with C5A status reports as well as posts on social media.

As always, you can keep updated from following any number of our social media, as well as keeping your eye on the News Page. As for all of our social media, you can find those here.

If you have any further questions on what we covered in this Status Report, or any other questions regarding C5A, please don’t hesitate to reach out on any of our social media platforms in the comments.

Thank you for being a part of The C5A Community, and we hope to see you very soon.