C5A Status Report 8/17/2020

It’s been nearly two full months since our last status report, and we’re here to assure you C5A has been hard at work cooking up some new material for C5A fans worldwide. In this status report, we’d like to focus on confirming and reconfirming some things to be expecting in the C5A 2.0 Update, and when you can be expecting it. For a full briefing on the happenings of C5A in 2020, various other news, and where we stand with everything you can view the previous status report for more info regarding that.


As you may (or may not) have noticed, we at C5A have been trying to work in more C5A Twitch Streams where we can, to have fun with C5A fans and relax and enjoy some video games. For those of you who are uninformed, you can follow the official C5A Twitch here. You can also be notified every time we stream by joining the Official C5A Discord server, and we usually tweet about it as well. We like to play a plethora of different games, and recently have found ourselves playing Halo, Bloons, Battle for Bikini Bottom, and most recently Fall Guys!


The past (nearly) two months hasn’t been all video games and relaxing for C5A, however. We’ve been hard at work preparing all kinds of new content for the C5A 2.0 update. If you didn’t know yet, The C5A 2.0 update is a set of content releases that will be coming out in bursts throughout the fourth quarter of 2020. While we mentioned a list of potential content to be released in the previous status report, here is a more concise and accurate list detailing the content to be in The C5A 2.0 Update:

  • 3+ new C5A designs in the C5A store
  • A brand new TC Inc. animated short
  • 2+ new C5A x TC Inc. designs
  • Giveaway(s) on C5A Twitch

While that’s all we can currently reveal for the C5A 2.0 Update, there will also be various new media and content to be released across C5A social platforms.

We want to thank you again for sticking with C5A as we get closer to the C5A 2.0 update. If you have any questions feel free to contact us on any of our social media, and we hope to see you very soon. C5A Forever!