C5A 2.0 Update Phase 1

Hello once again C5A fans! It’s been a hot minute, but we come bearing good news. The C5A 2.0 Update Phase 1 is here! Not only do we have 3 fresh new designs in the C5A Store, but also a giveaway with C5A Gaming!

First, we have the 3 new designs in The C5A Store. The first design is a shirt known as C5Double, with popping colors and the flowing design, it’s sure to please the eyes. Next, we have The C5A Studios hoodie! Once again incorporating a pastel theme, this brand new hoodie design is here to represent all things C5A Studios, from the shorts on YouTube to the characters of TC Inc! Finally, we have the C5Monsters design. Quite possibly C5A’s more outrageous and wild design, C5A takes the sweatshirt game to an entirely different level with vast varying colors, some new and familiar monster faces, as well as a totally new look to the front and back design!

We all know most C5A designs aren’t around forever, and sadly, that happens to be the fate of The C5A Company design in the shop. While already staying around for a few extra months than planned, The C5A Company design is leaving The C5A Store with Phase 1 of the C5A 2.0 update. With the addition of more C5A designs in the near future, it might be worth noting the next to leave The C5A Store will be C5Burger. But don’t worry, C5Burger will still be around for awhile, so get it while you still can!

In addition to these new C5A designs we also have the giveaway with C5A Gaming! Starting today with the addition of Phase 1 of the 2.0 Update, we will be giving away a free Steam game! While the game key in question is currently unknown to C5A fans, you’ll be pleased to know there are many ways to enter, and no purchase necessary! The winner will be found in late January of 2021 and their prize of the Steam game key will be awarded. You can find all of the ways to enter HERE and begin your entries! Make sure to tune into the C5A Twitch page for more info, as well as ways to enter through Twitch!

If you’ve been reading the status reports so far, you might also be wondering about the other things listed in the bullets we said about the 2.0 Update. Don’t worry, those are still on the way. We have a couple of designs for the C5A x TC Inc. Store, an update to our website, as well as a new C5A Studios short all coming very soon. Make sure to stay tuned to the news page as well as follow our social media to be swiftly updated on the next Phase of the C5A 2.0 Update. Until then, we hope you enjoy Phase 1 of C5A 2.0, and we’ll be seeing you very soon.