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WARNING: Phase sections tagged with [NSFW] may contain but are not limited to: nudity, intense violence, blood & gore, drugs, sexual or offensive content, and strong language. View at your own discretion.

Phase 3

[ In Progress ]

2018 – Present

[NSFW] Pizza and Popcorn Phase 3

Phase 1

2008 – 2012

Phase 1 of TC Inc. / Pizza and Popcorn. The founding years of the company, rough around the edges, interesting to say the least. Contains all of the work from the era, more than just Pizza and Popcorn.

Phase 2

2017 – 2018

[NSFW] Phase 2 of Pizza and Popcorn, defined by crude and more mature humor, and consisting of one-panel gag “covers”, the new format of Pizza and Popcorn comics. Considered by many the golden age of Pizza and Popcorn. Usually on math homework and notes. (More coming soon)

TC Inc. Extras

[ In Progress ]

2017 – Present

[NSFW] All content from Phase 2-3 that isn’t Pizza and Popcorn. This can be sketches, drawings, and any other comics made that aren’t directly Pizza and Popcorn comics. Usually inspiration for other Pizza and Popcorn works, or warm-up doodles for fun made by Truman and Chap.

Fan Art!

2017 – Present

Ever since 2017, TC Inc. has gotten in touch with fans and have collected a decent bit of fan art. Here is a gallery of TC Inc. fan art. To submit your own TC Inc. fan art and have it submitted, email with your fan art attached, and name if you want credit! Terms and conditions of submitting fan art can be found at the bottom of the Fan Art page